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A glowing review from one of our ex-students

April 2011

"Dear Gretchen, Heather, Sandy, Jade, Ken, Althea, Anderson, and Cathy Schaad

(If I left out, please forgive my AARP possessed brain)

I think I am still in shock - (perfect example - I don't even know what pen to write with!!!) - let's start over - one week ago tomorrow I passed the certification exam, praise God!! The Lord is sooo gracious, and never ceases to amaze me!! Oh and how very grateful I am for Him providing teachers, encouragers, friends like each of you, for without your help I could not have passed! The written exam was a bit more difficult than I expected too, so every hour in the classroom was ever essential and beyond the word 'valuable'!! The many many hours of being able to practice the skills - oh my! What a gigantic advantage to have the option to do so - FINALLY a justifiable reason for my moving to Elon Crede 15-and-a-half years ago - LOL!!! You know, after close to 6 weeks [between the pre-surgery practice and post-surgery practice] I truly felt like I was part of the staff, well in reality I was probably more like part of the furniture or a wall fixture (an old piece of furniture, as my 50th 'something or other' occurred during the midst of it all!

Folks, you ROCK - I love you all, and hope to be the best CNA that I CAN, and so bring or continue the great reputation of Ann Rose!

[Psalm 104:33] Much love x god bless you all."


- Dorothy

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